Push Up Comprehensive Board System
Push Up Comprehensive Board System
Push Up Comprehensive Board System
Push Up Comprehensive Board System

Push Up Comprehensive Board System

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Our Color-coded Push-up Board System will give you a perfectly shaped upper body.

  • We're reinventing the way you do push-ups. Our innovative color-coded push-up board system drastically strengthens and builds your whole upper body (chest, back, shoulders, and arms) while building your core simultaneously. It's super easy to use and highly effective.
  • Only just 30 minutes of use of our color-coded push-up board system will significantly strengthen your muscles, effectively burn calories, and help you lose the weight you want.

  • PORTABLE - Easy mounting, super lightweight design, and easy to store. With ease, take your color-coded push-up board system anywhere you want.
  • HEAVY-DUTY - Our board is sturdy & durable & its structured handles are also exceptional for advanced and intense workouts like planks, handstands, etc
  • COMFORTABLE - Our handgrips enhance comfort with our perfectly padded grip with just the right amount of cushioning. No blisters or irritation even with long, intense workouts.
  • PERFECT FORM - A lousy form can be detrimental and can ultimately injure you. The Pushup Board ensures that your arms, wrist, and shoulders are always in the perfect form. This ultimately cuts out any injuries and gives you the best results faster by isolating the muscle groups when you want.


  • Plug & Press to change out the positioning, which allows for various angles that sculpt and maximize the upper body definition.
  •  Our color-coded push-up bar visually represents each muscle group depending on the position, which allows you to isolate your target group in the easiest way possible for beginners or veterans. 

Color-Muscle Match Up
🟥 Red - Shoulders
🟩 Green - Triceps
🟦 Blue - Chest
🟨 Yellow - Back

Our varied positions and angles sculpt and maximize the upper body's definition.
Burn calories while developing the strength of our push-up system, leading you through a total-body strength and workout.